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About Us

About Us

Hi Welcome to Alpine Body Care! We are a family owned and operated small handcrafted soap business. All soap batches are made in very small batches. The milk we use is the freshest you can get from our own herd of dairy goats. Our soaps are handcrafted with the best quality oils we can find like olive, avocado, sunflower and butters like shea, cocoa and mango. My promise to you Your Skin Will Thank You! Mine did. 

How we got started

Here's how Alpine Body Care came about. We started a homestead where we could be more self sufficient growing our own vegetables and knowing where our meat came from. I always had an interest in gardening and growing my own vegetables from a your girl helping my dad with his garden.

Some years back we were visiting a local farm to pick up some guinea fowl and the young lady on the farm and Karen discovered they had similar health issues, one being Karen was not able to consume dairy products. The young lady asked if I had tried goat milk, Goat milk has the A2 proteins and is easier to digest. The young lady grew up raising her own alpine dairy goats, asked me if she would like to try some milk that she had extra, of course I was curious and said yes. She was generous and sent us home with a gallon. After trying the goat milk I didn't have any issues and was so happy and excited I found something I could have., mind you there is a very long list of foods I cannot eat or drink. John and I would visit there farm about once a week to buy some goat milk. On one of the visits John asked the young lady if she ever has any of her goats for sale, she said I’ll have two does for sale in a couple weeks. Well we bought those two does and in a few weeks Cassie and Siren came home.

When the girls old enough to breed a few months after we got them, we bred them so we could get our own milk. Fast forward After the babies were born and weaned from their mom's we started milking wow what a whole new exciting experience, we had an abundance of milk being new to milking goats we needed something to do with all that milk so my curious mind went researching and I looked into what I could do with goat milk well to my surprise I found all sorts things I could make I was ready to start making I first started with ice cream, then came cheese, cajeta (caramel) and so many other goodies. I then Realized I could use the goat milk in all my recipes that called for milk. Bonus! boy I was glad. Then I saw you can make soap with goat milk WHAT!!! so at the time We were using commercial soaps (not soap at all) we found them to be so drying and made my skin itch so bad for years all I ended up with was dry itchy skin not to mention they are full of chemicals, well they are detergents. After doing a lot of research learning how to make handmade soap I (Karen) jumped in with both feet and tried her hand at making Goat Milk Soap, I was hooked! Not to mention all the skin loving benefits goat milk has for your skin not long after that Alpine Body Care was established. I hope you like our soaps and it helps you as much as I love them.

Our Mission  

Alpine Body Care strives to produce an excellent product right here in our soap studio. Made in Jacksonville Florida. All our Soaps are made in house in small batches with 100% Fresh Goat Milk from our own herd of  Dairy Goats using sustainable skin loving oils and butters. You'll Love! 

Thanks for browsing our products, believing in our company, and supporting our small, family business! We absolutely wouldn't be here without you and we are so grateful for your investment in our lives!