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Handmade Soap Bar Bag
Handmade Soap Bar Bag

Handmade Soap Bar Bag

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Our Soap Bar Bags are hand crocheted. These handy little soap bags create a very thick creamy lather. Simply put your goat milk soap bar in the bag wet and massage into a luscious creamy lather.

They're great for those small soap pieces, so you don't waste any of the luscious goodness.

Allow your soap and soap bar bag to dry in between uses, makes the soap bar last longer. Works great for the little end pieces and bits of soap, just stack them in the bag and use them all the way down. No waste! 

Place a bar of soap, a few end pieces into the bag, and pull the drawstring tight. The bags will stretch a little. 

This listing is for one Soap Bag. They are a bit stretchy and will easily fit any of my soap bars.

Rinse the bag after each use and allow the bag and soap to air dry. These soap bags are machine washable and dryable or air dry.

They come wrapped in our biodegradable shrink wrap. 

Let dry in between uses. Machine Wash & Dry.